Composition in Photography

Composition is the way that elements in a photo are arranged. It is how the objects in frame work together to create a visually interesting image. It’s a way to guide the viewers eye through the image to important elements. A photo can be composed through different means.

Rule of Thirds

The golden mean or rule of thirds is a guideline that divides a photo into thirds horizontally and vertically. The subject of the photo is placed along or at the intersection of the dividing lines.

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Balancing Elements

Balancing elements is when the image and subject in the photo are balanced by adjusting the tones, objects, and colors of the image so that the subject are of equal visual weight.

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Leading Lines

Leading lines are lines in a photo that draw the viewers gaze in a specific direction.

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Symmetry and Pattern

Symmetry is when an image has both sides either, horizontal or vertical, look the same. Patterns is where there are repeating elements in an image. The repeating element can be shapes, lines, or colors.

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Viewpoint is the perspective the photographer chooses when taking the photo.

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The background is the overall scene of the image behind the main subject of focus.

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Depth is the distance between the closest and farthest objects in the photo.

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Framing is the way the photographer presents the visual elements in the image.

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Cropping is removing unwanted areas in the image.

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